Be a ghost hunter!
Come investigate with us on a tag-along investigation of the
Saint Cloud Chamber of Commerce Building

Come investigate with the experienced GhostStop team at the Historic Chamber of Commerce building in Saint Cloud, FL. Bring your own investigation equipment and come explore the halls of the Chamber building originally opened in 1910 as the Saint Cloud National Bank. The building is very much representative of it's original glory and even has a museum of local and bank artifacts including an original safe.

We will share the experiences from the people who work and frequent the building. We will also share our own evidence and personal accounts of paranormal activity from previous investigations. We will then investigate the two-story building together with a professional team of investigators and equipment.



A truly UNIQUE ghost hunting experience!
We will begin with a video presentation including evidence captured then move to the location for investigation. You will investigate in small groups using your ghost hunting equipment. At the end of the investigation we will conduct a short evidence review roundtable back at the GhostStop reveal room. No scare tactics are used whatsoever. We provide a safe, quite and respectable environment in order to provide a great experience with great evidence. Full event lasts 4 hours.

RESERVE Your Spot Now!
In an effort to keep the teams small we will cap the group to 10-15 people. Because of this you must make a reservation to save your spot.

Tickets: $40
A portion of the proceeds goes to the Chamber for historic & small busines preservation.

ReserveTicket Available Dates

NOTE! Must be 18 or older to attend. Reservations must be made by 4pm the day of the tour.We cannot guarantee that you will attain any evidence or experience anything paranormal during the investigation.



Tips to an awesome investigation experience...

  • If you have ghost hunting equipment, bring it! Cameras, camcorders, EVP recorders, EMF meters and anything else are a great way to capture potential evidence that can happen anywhere and any time during the investigation. If you would like to purchase equipment, GhostStop has a wide selection of ghost hunting equipment to choose from on their web site or at check-in.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to tour start to purchase your tour ticket and get settled in for a great investigation.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Bring some friends.


Why tour with us?
Because our tours are hosted by GhostStop, you will be learning and investigating with experienced paranormal investigators. GhostStop makes and supplies equipment for TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters International, Fact or Faked and more in addition to ghost hunting teams all over the world. So, when you investigate with GhostStop, you know you're learning from an experienced team of investigators.